Delivering best in class logisitics facilities to meet the needs of business and the communities they serve

"BBX Logistics Properties is a highly-focused speculative and build-to-suit logistics real estate development and investment company focused on markets throughout Florida and the Eastern United States"

Our Services


Speculative and Build-to-Suit Development

Developing institutional-quality logistics facilities in strategic, infill locations both speculatively and in partnership with end-users


Fee Development

Full-service site selection, entitlement, design, and development services for end users as owners


Asset Repositioning

Value-add opportunistic re-development and re-positioning of assets

Our approach

Our Approach

With over 50 years of experience with the nation’s largest publicly held and private real estate organizations, the BBX Logistics Properties team is a thesis-driven developer and investor who takes a team centric, transparent and highly-disciplined approach to every project. We create strategic relationships with capital partners who aim to invest in high-quality logisitics assets and share our unwavering committment to ESG and sustainability.

Institutional Expertise

With a deep understanding of markets throughout Florida and the Eastern United States, the BBX Logisitics Properties team can provide seamless, vertically integrated solutions to end users who seek in best in class facilities delivered on time and on budget.

A Disciplined Approach

Our approach to asset re-positioning is based on identifying locations where the confluence of extraordinary barriers to entry for new development and functional obsolence exist. We work to modernize and re-position assets to meet the needs of sophisiticated logisitics space users while regentrfiying aging product which has the added benefit of renewing communities.

Fully Integrated Team

With a holistic understanding of individual asset classes and markets, we’re providing better alignment with our customers to adapt to their ever-changing needs

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